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10M Galnavized Steel Electric Power Pole

10M Galnavized Steel Electric Power Pole

Octagonal steel pole price with HDG for electric power transmission power galvanized steel tapered power pole

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Product Details

Octagonal steel pole price with HDG for electric power transmission power galvanized steel tapered power pole


Product  Description

Product Name

steel pole For 10 KV To 220 KV Electric Power Transmission Line


Electric Power
Transmission Line


Q235B (SS400)
Q345B(ASTM A572 Gr.50)
Q460 (ASTM A572 Gr.65)


» Polygon
» Dodecagon
» Tapered round




Frange Connection
/ Direct Buried

Surface Treatment

Hot Dip Galvanization

HDG Standard

GB/T 13912-2002
or ASTM A 123

Welding Standard

GBT 12467.2-2009
/ AWS D 1.1
/ BS EN 1011-1

Connection Method
Of The Pole Shaft

Slip Joint
/Base Plate


Nude Packing or

Service Life Of
The Poles

More than 30 Years


With more than 15 years experiences on the HDG Steel pole,we have manufactured and exported huge quantity of steel pole  For 10 KV To 220 KV   Electric Power Transmission Line which service for the electrical industry development of the world.We have the complete production line and machines,and skillful workers with high efficiency which can make us produce 10 tons or 5 sets of the electric octagon steel poles everyday. A quick production period and delivery schedule ensured our client have more obvious advantage in their market.


The electric octagon steel pole is made by the high-quality hot rolled steel plate which was bent into Trapezoid according to the poles's dimension,then welding ,grinding,hot dip galvanized and packing for delivery as following shows:


Key information of the HDG Steel poles:   

>> Material:we just only choose qualified & famous steel manufacturer's products such as Bao Steel,Shagang Steel,Shougang Steel ect to make sure our product's quality. Any material was found the defects,then all the rest materials which purchased together with it will be refused and forbidden to be receipt by the warehouse.


>> Welding: we welding the HDG Steel poles with gas shielded welding and submerge-arc welding with perfect welding line and good quality,we strickly control the test the welding by the flaw testing with ultrasonic crack detection to make sure there is no crack,undercut,slag inclusion,hole vent for the welding.


>> Hot dip galvanization: all our products must be hot dip galvanized according to GB/T13912-2002 or ASTM A123 which can keep the HDG Steel poles without rust more than 30 years.Our standard for a good hot dip galvanization HDG Steel pole is same color of the zinc coating without dent mark,no exposed iron and hang of zinc of defect. Normally speaking,the thickness of the zinc coating is up to the materials thickness.The thicker the material is, the thicker the zinc coating will be.

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