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Choose the high-pole lamp carefully!

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Generally in the city square, the station, the wharf, the yard, the highway, the stadium, the overpass and so on public places, will set up the high pole lamp, it not only plays the illumination function, is a place the landmark thing, manifests this place the existence feeling. So the high pole lamp is very good in the future development trend.

High pole lamp is a height of 15 meters above the lighting device, its cost in all outdoor lighting equipment is very high, buy high pole lamp is a one-time investment, because of its expensive price, so in the purchase of high pole lamp must be more cautious. The main decision on the price of high pole lamp two major factors are as follows: 1, high pole lamp upper and lower caliber high pole lamp upper and lower caliber should how big? is not arbitrarily set, it to and the overall weight, height, lamp weight, number of lamps, light plate weight combination such as height of 25 meters, on the caliber of about 280mm, under the caliber of 580mm, the upper and lower caliber determined, the weight is limited range, usually around 100kg, divided into three sections wall thickness, It is usually 6mm,6mm,8mm.

Take 200 watts of LED lamp For example, if the lamp in 15kg or so, then the weight of the light plate is usually around 100kg, then the above caliber of the high pole lamp, suitable for 6 lamps, if you want more than one lamp, you have to increase the upper and lower caliber. Buy this large-scale lighting, not blindly looking for low prices, quality is the most important, because this is not like those 2-4 meters of road light pole, how to accommodate all the line. Like the high pole lamp dozens of meters tall leviathan, once the structural quality problems, the consequences of unimaginable.

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