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High pole lamp regular ten maintenance

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

1, check the high-pole lighting facilities of all ferrous metal components (including the internal wall of the lamp) of the hot-dip galvanized corrosion, fasteners and anti-loosening measures to meet the requirements.

2, check the verticality of the high-pole lighting facilities (must according to the requirements of the regular use of theodolite measurement and testing), the bar slightly the allowable error should be less than 3 of the bar height.

The straightness error of the shaft axis shall not be greater than 2 of the rod length.

3, check the light plate mechanical strength, to ensure the safe use of the light plate, for closed-end lamp plate should check its cooling situation.

4, check the external surface of the lamp rod and weld whether there is rust, for a longer period of service but can not be re-replacement, when necessary, the use of ultrasonic, magnetic particle testing and other testing methods to detect and test welds.

5. Check the fastening bolts of the lamp bracket and adjust the direction of the lamp projection rationally.

6, carefully check the light plate inside the wire (soft cable or cord) use, see if the wire is subjected to excessive mechanical stress, aging, cracking, dew line, such as the occurrence of unsafe phenomena should be dealt with immediately.

7, the damaged light source electrical appliances and other components to replace and repair.

8, Electrical Safety Check, check the power supply between the wire and the ground insulation resistance situation: not less than 10M Jian.

9. Check distribution and control equipment

(1) The distribution line and the light plate line should be fixed connection.

(2) Wire connection should be solid and reliable, no loose shedding phenomenon.

(3) Check the three-phase load balance and midnight light control situation.

(4) Check the connection between the electrical, in the possible torsion, bending and vibration and other functions, should be safe and reliable fixed, no loosening phenomenon.

10, focus on checking the lifting drive system

(1) A comprehensive inspection of the lifting drive system of the manual, electric two functions, the requirements of the organization drive flexible, stable lifting, safe and reliable.

(2) The deceleration mechanism should be flexible and light, and the self-locking function is safe and reliable. The speed ratio is reasonable, the light plate electric lifting time should not exceed 6m/min (can use stopwatch measurement).

(3) Check the stainless steel wire rope with or without the phenomenon of broken, if found firmly replaced.

(4) Check the brake motor, speed should meet the relevant design requirements and safety performance requirements.

(5) Check the transmission system overload safety clutch and other overload safety protection device.

(6) Check the light plate lifting electrical, mechanical limit device, limit device and ultra-stroke limit protection device.

(7) The use of a single main wire rope, should be checked to prevent accidental fall of the lamp disc braking or protective device reliability and safety, the light plate of the wire rope rises in place, check the automatic hanging, decoupling unloading device, to ensure that hanging, off freely.

(8) Check the line inside the rod, must be fixed firmly, no pressure, clamp, damaged phenomenon.

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