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The significance of regular maintenance of street lamp poles

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

For the street lamp This kind of thing everybody is very clear understanding, it is close to people's life necessities, and daily life is closely related. The regular maintenance of streetlights is really a very necessary thing. He is the daily life of the security, especially in the thunderstorm and other bad weather, if the lamp pole leakage phenomenon, then it caused the harm is unavoidable, or even the cost of life, is no one can bear the, no one is responsible, so the relevant department head should immediately attach great importance to up,

Organize regular maintenance and repair of street lights on the road.

The reason I make such a promotion is that there are few people on the road who are maintaining and overhauling the streetlights.

In addition to regular maintenance, for a specific period of time after the specific situation should also focus on the inspection and maintenance of street lights.

1, fixed major festivals and important events

2, in the event of unusual natural climate, severe weather such as floods, typhoons, heavy rains, strong earthquakes, etc.

3, in the event of damage such as theft, traffic accidents, etc.

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