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The spray treatment of street lamp pole?

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

The General street lamp pole is the steel material or the aluminum material, because the steel and the aluminum is very easy to corrode and rust, so the street lamp pole surface must carry on the spraying processing, Spray is often said electrostatic powder coating, plastic particles will melt into a layer of dense effect of the final protective coating, the treatment process is the international use of a more common metal surface treatment since the 1980s, in the role of electric field is often used in light industry; and the powder coating after high temperature baking leveling solidification, firmly attached to the workpiece surface, the powder will be evenly adsorbed on the workpiece surface, forming a powder coating, the advantages embodied in advanced technology. Safe and reliable, bright color and so on.

Spray treatment can improve the surface properties of metal parts, improve the wear resistance of the workpiece, resistance to special media corrosion, anti-oxidation, electrical insulation and other characteristics, and play an effective role in the surface decoration ① can make outdoor lamp bar and monitor bar look more beautiful, more high-grade, color can be any choice.

Plastic powder has the role of anti-ultraviolet, no pollution to the environment, non-toxic harm to the human body.

② Street lamp rod coating appearance of excellent quality, strong adhesion, can prolong the life of street lamps and monitoring rods, long-term exposure to sunlight and rain will not rust. Rust-proof anti-rot ability of up to 20 years.

③ Street Lamp Rod spray is electrostatic powder sprayed on the surface of street lamps and monitoring rods, the use of electrostatic generators to make plastic powder charged, adsorbed on the surface of the street lamp, and then after high temperature baking, so that the powder dissolved adhesion in outdoor lighting, street lamps and monitoring rod surface, play the color consistent, smooth role. After spraying technology will become wrinkle-free, drop and zinc tumor, starting skin, spots, yin and yang surface defects exist, zinc layer thickness of more than 86um, in line with the national standard gb/t13912-92, galvanized coating adhesion to meet the requirements of gb2694-88, corrosion life of more than 30.

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