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What's the cost of a long-time high pole lamp for a change?

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

High pole lamp product development has been long, in many places there is a dilapidated high pole lamp erected in that, so the government to re-light it, then it is necessary to consider whether to dismantle the new or repair a repair, it is necessary to consider the actual operating costs.

Relative to a 15-20 meters high pole lamp, repair a root cost is probably equal to re-create a 3/4 of the cost, so completely can be re-built one, cost-effective will be better, for 30 meters above the high pole lamp, repair a root of the cost is probably a new root of 1/2 or so, so try to repair the main, which can greatly reduce the cost of expenditure. For high-value pole lamps such as high-valued lamp rod, in the process must be accounted for, in a reasonable scope to operate, so as to avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

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