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Where does the price of street light show up?

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

There are many people buy streetlights, first care about the price, then consider the quality, so that can guarantee the so-called inexpensive, in fact, the manufacturers are different, the quality is certainly not the same, there is no same quality of the argument, that is, to the same street lamp parameters, manufacturers cost price will not be the same, depending on the manufacturer's purchase channels and

It is like going to a small hospital to see a doctor and go to a large hospital, the small disease can not be seen what, the big disease is to human life.

The same, in the case of the same price, there is the difference in quality, as the factory in the actual production process can be controlled costs, the cost of control is related to the quality of the high and low price is dead, earn more and less depends on the factory leader is honest, whether according to actual requirements to do. So in the online business, especially the factory did not sell on the platform, that is one of the online storefront, you search the store when the top of the store actually store "rent" the more expensive! Because Baidu bid higher can be more forward! Then the operation of the factory on the Internet, business philosophy is not the same, there are some "Taobao shop", some "flagship store", some "direct shop", some "franchise shop", so for low prices do not hurry to be happy, must be cautious, the inside of the "pit" may be waiting for you, for the price you think high, Also do not rush to deny, to see the size of the company, credibility, and so on, do what is in the communication, trust based on the conclusion.

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