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Why do you use a face paint for a lamp pole?

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

The lamp pole will hardly rust after being treated with cold/hot galvanizing (except when the pole is welded with trachoma), so the only thing that will affect the beauty of the street lamp is the outside paint, the street lamp pole in galvanizing after the last anti-corrosion coating process-spray plastic, plastic powder used for the outdoor plastic powder, outdoor plastic powder with high hardness, Strong adhesion and other characteristics, although after the spray processing of the light bar in the appearance and anti-corrosion effect has been further improved, but after the actual use found that the service life of plastic powder can not reach 10, let alone 15-20 years, take a better outdoor high-gloss plastic powder, after spraying the light bar surface bright smooth, However, after three years of outdoor use, the gloss on the surface of the pole will gradually fade and begin to discolor. This is a good plastic powder, poor quality of plastic powder in a year will be completely change a sample.

The biggest drawback of outdoor plastic powder is that the aging resistance is very poor. There is a way to prolong the life of the lamp surface paint, so that it can maintain the original color for a long time, do not change color, not powder. If galvanized is to rust, that spray is to beautiful, rust-proof to do, beautiful has, then add a layer of protective film is perfect. Outdoor powder weathering resistance is very poor, if you can use a super-weathering ability of the outer paint will be able to keep it in the long-term color, but this paint is not difficult to find, it is "fluorocarbon paint", fluorocarbon paint has excellent anti-corrosion properties, maintenance-free, strong adhesion, super-long weatherability and other characteristics, Fluorocarbon paint coating on the light bar of the plastic powder outer layer can play a very good protective effect, so that its surface paint gloss for more than 10 years is not a problem.

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