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Wide range of solar street lamp use

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

As a result of the rapid development of science and technology, the lack of energy, so the research and use of new energy has become the primary task of all countries, solar energy as inexhaustible new energy favored by the sun, the research has matured, in all fields have developed solar products, such as: Solar water heaters.

Solar cells, solar charging stations, and so on, are now ubiquitous in the solar street lights, every street light, and some private courtyards have also chosen solar lighting fixtures, some other mining areas, or industrial parks, some parking lots, squares, attractions, memorials or in the countryside as far as possible to choose solar street lights.

At present, the domestic solar energy lighting professional development is more mature, due to various advantages of solar street lamps, in the future there must be a broader development prospects, more extensive application. Solar street lamps are not required to lay the cables in advance, and the solar street lamp works by actively absorbing solar light and actively converting it into electrical energy, then reducing the visibility of the night, and will proactively control lighting power needs to be proven. Compared to the General street lamp, the solar street lamp service life is long, later can also reduce a lot of trouble, do not need how to maintain.

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