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Advantages Of Steel Pole

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

1) steel rod covers a small area Small footprint is the most important advantage of steel bar, the traditional transmission tower and cable-pull tower have a large footprint of the shortcomings. However, under the current market economy conditions, land prices have been rising again and again, the transmission area becomes more and more difficult, the investment is more and more large, and in some special areas, such as the city Central District and other places do not have the conditions for the establishment of the tower, this is the steel rod is the first choice for transmission construction.

Steel rod covers an area of small, generally self-supporting the tower of about 1/3, at the same time the steel rod top size is smaller than the tower, the need for the Air line corridor is also small, so the steel bar in general can meet a variety of environmental requirements, save land expenses.

2) steel rod appearance. This is another major advantage of the steel bar, at present in the construction of cities, the transformation of the city's wave, whether the city is beautiful whether livable also more and more people's attention.

Therefore, the city construction on the power line erection requirements are more and more high, which is also manifested in its aesthetic requirements, especially some urban landscape road to this aspect of the requirements more stringent, and the traditional tower this aspect is difficult to meet the requirements, steel rod because of its compact structure, image is small, so can basically meet the requirements of aesthetics.

3) Steel bar construction is simple and quick. The establishment of the traditional tower construction must have a group tower process, no matter the whole group tower or the sub-group tower, the duration is almost, and the steel pole construction does not need to set up the process, only the steel rod is installed after the whole group immediately after installation, the construction speed is much faster than the tower construction, under normal circumstances,

A construction team can set up the tower 1.5~2 a day, and a day can stand 10 of the steel bar around, so the use of steel rods can greatly improve the construction efficiency, shorten the duration.

4) Steel bar material is not easy to be stolen. Missing tower material has been the main problem of the safe operation of the tower, although a certain precautionary measures, such as 6 meters below the installation of anti-theft bolts, etc., but the loss of tower material still occurs. Steel bar because it is the whole plug-in or flange connection, so basically eliminate the phenomenon of missing parts, reduce the risk of accidents, improve the line health level.

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