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Main Application Fields Of Steel Pole And Analysis Of Power Sources

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Power rods are mainly thermal power generation, generally refers to the use of oil, coal and natural gas fuel combustion generated by heat to add hot water, so that water into high-temperature, high-pressure steam, and then by steam to drive generators to generate electricity by the general term.

Thermal power According to its role in the pure electricity and electricity generation and heating, according to the original motive of steam turbine generation, gas turbine generation, diesel power generation. Solar power is a technology that transforms energy from light into electricity.

Solar power generation system is divided into three kinds: parallel-type solar photovoltaic system, independent solar photovoltaic system, disaster-resistant solar photovoltaic system. Wind power generation system is mainly the constant frequency wind turbine generator system and variable speed constant frequency wind turbine system two major categories.

Constant-speed constant-frequency wind power generation system generally use synchronous motor or squirrel-cage induction motor as a generator, variable-speed constant-frequency wind power generation system generally uses permanent magnet synchronous motor or doubly-fed motor as a generator. Power transmission is to use a transformer to boost the electric energy emitted by the generator, and then through the circuit breaker and other control equipment access to the transmission line to achieve. According to the structure, the transmission lines are divided into overhead transmission lines and underground lines. Overhead transmission lines routing line tower, wire, insulator, etc., erected on the ground.

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