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Problems Needing Attention In Transportation Of High Pole Lamp

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

In the transport process to prevent the friction between the high pole lamp and the transport tool, resulting in the corrosion of the tin coating layer damage, tin plating layer damage is a common problem in the transport process, in the production of the design of the manufacturers will be anti-corrosion treatment, is generally used tin plating to achieve.

So in the transport process for the protection of the tin layer is very important, do not underestimate this a little bit of tin plating layer.

Lamp pole in the installation of the first quality inspection, to ensure that the lamp bar to be installed without quality problems can be installed, street lamp rod specifications, models must meet the design requirements, wire connection must be tightly and firmly; corrosion protection of metal parts to complete, lamp pole installation should pay attention to take the way to prevent collisions. The light plate lifts the high pole lamp, the light plate's lifting operation, must by the trained personnel is responsible, implements one person to operate one person guardianship system. In order to make the high pole lamp normal operation, every half a year to check the light plate (electric, manual and cable remote isolation operation is flexible), rotating parts, wire rope and butter, so that lifting freely.

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