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Steel Pole Cause Of Abnormal Damage

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Steel Pole in the use of the process should regularly check its performance, and strictly abide by the correct operating standards, to avoid the violation of the power of the steel bar damage, as well as some unnecessary accidents and failures occurred.

Be sure to check the parts are intact, to avoid the loss of individual components caused by the damage, should minimize the power of the steel rod failure, thereby prolonging its use period.

If the Power steel rod equipment is not used in accordance with the operating norms, abnormal damage, resulting in poor quality and technical performance, the impact of normal use, are accidents, in general, electric power steel rod accidents are divided into general accidents, major accidents, large accidents three categories. In order to make the cost of power steel compression business, strengthen survival compression or cut down the profitability of the business, strengthen the core competitiveness, strengthen the viability of the enterprise is also the main. Since we know that the primary task of the business is to survive the economic crisis, businesses need to adjust their business structure, compress or cut down their less profitable businesses to focus their resources on the cash-ready business.

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