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Steel Pole Industry Scope Of Use

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Thermal power generation, generally refers to the use of oil, coal and natural gas and other fuel combustion generated by heat to add hot water, so that water into high-temperature, high-pressure steam, and then by steam to drive generators to generate electricity by the general term. Power generation using the energy released by the chain fission reaction in a nuclear reactor. The systems and equipment used to convert nuclear fission-free energy into electricity are often referred to as nuclear power plants, also known as Atomic power stations.

Its key equipment---nuclear reactors, in addition to main pumps, regulators, steam generators, containment, turbo-generators and critical cooling systems. Electric steel pole piling construction before the formation of the site, to ensure that the normal level of the pile machine movement, pipe piles should be tiled in the flat ground, stacking is not redundant 3 layers, and must ensure that the stacking is steady. The power steel pole before piling is based on the coordinates and elevation of the general plan and the coordinates and elevation datum provided by the owner, using the latitude and longitude instrument to measure the angle and the horizontal pull ruler.

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