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What Are The Advantages Of A Single-pole Communication Tower?

Yangzhou Runyuan Lighting Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Single-pole communication tower widely used to in communication area. We produce them for CHINA MOBILE and CHINA UNICOM 

Single-pole communication tower is a more pragmatic and innovative tower, it looks beautiful, small footprint, cost-effective, was the general adoption of the construction unit. The company produces single-tube communication towers, tower body segment of a more rational, easy installation, fast, and can adapt to a variety of outdoor sites more complex installation. Built-in ladder and the wiring method to the operator to provide both convenient and secure operating environment, but also enable the feeder to avoid the sun and rain, significantly extended the life of feeder lines, and the lower weight and the heart will not be offset by the installation of feeders. The bottom of the tower using double-nut is fixed, the structure can fine-tune the degree of a vertical tower,

To better ensure the accuracy of the installation. In a single tube tower production, the company has a large-scale CNC automatic cutting machine, automatic submerged arc welding operation of multiple sets of CNC machines and with pre-bending function of the large arc downward hydraulic rolling machine and other advanced equipment, ultrasonic flaw detection equipment, etc. and a wealth of manufacturing experience, so that the product quality stable and reliable.

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